With year round sunshine and affordable flood irrigation available, we have the luxury of growing a variety of fresh, organic produce in our own yards. Phoenix began as a small farming community that had wonderful citrus groves that still exist here in Arcadia. We have a long history of growing food on a local level.

Yard space isn’t just for grass anymore. At the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour, you will see how a group of local edible food gardeners are continuing on this local farming tradition, and in the urban Phoenix setting, have changed their front and backyards into productive garden space!

The tour will feature urban orchards of stone-fruit trees, espaliered apple trees, nut trees, vegetable & herb gardens that use traditional and raised bed techniques, berry hedges, pollinator gardens of mixed beds of flowers and edibles, composting systems in a variety of sizes, grey water ponds, and everyone’s favorite – the backyard chicken coops!

At Arcadia's Edible Garden Tour you will have the opportunity to meet the gardeners, ask them questions, and get inspiration for your own garden while getting to know your neighbors!

Please join us to see these 9 edible gardens that showcase productive landscaping at its’ finest. You will see that these gardens are not only much more practical than ornamentals, but truly beautiful as well!

David & Caroline Van Slyke’s Boho Farm. A beautiful little urban half acre farm right in Arcadia, which they have lovingly called Boho Farm and Home. Their passion is to share their harvest and inspire others that they too can eat out of their own yard. They have chickens, a fruit orchard, potager, raised beds and are faithful composters. Visit their website www.bohofarmandhome.com.

Tre Soli. Tucked in the equestrian properties of Paradise Valley Farms are the gardens of Tre Soli (3 Suns). This 2 acre property grows food for people and pollinators. Using organic methods they grow 250 edible & fragrant roses, luscious fruit & citrus, scrumptious olives & veggies as well as culinary herbs and mesquite beans. Gardeners here are avid composters and keenly aware of their tiny farmer partners, the pollinators. Tre Soli has been certified as a Wildlife habitat, as well as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.

Larry’s Livin’ the Dream Microfarm. A wonderful example of what a little work from a homeowner can accomplish! This backyard garden was started in 2011, and is an excellent garden to see if you are interested in starting your own! It is a good example of how to maximize limited space for both a chicken coop of Larry’s beloved hens and a nice sized vegetable garden.

Arcadia Edible Garden Tour
Date: Saturday, May 10th, 2014
Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm

Neighborhood Garden Market &
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8:00am – 2:00pm
Tickets: $18.00 + 9.3%sales tax
Children under 7 are free!

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tickets are limited

A portion of the proceeds from the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour will go to benefit community gardens in the Phoenix area.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Gordon and Kay’s Jardin de Lagniappe (LAN-yap). These Louisiana natives have been gardening on their one acre property for the last fourteen years. They grow vegetables and flowers in both raised and in ground beds. Numerous fruit and citrus trees, including a few from their home state, have been planted to compliment the mature citrus trees. Gordon and Kay love to share their bounty with family and friends.

Troy & Rebecca’s Farmyard. This property is an urban micro-farm that is packed with enough produce to support 15 families for their Community Supported Agriculture venture. You will see a fantastic productive landscape packed with a variety of garden styles, fruit & nut trees, and “the girls” who produce our eggs. Rebecca & Troy run Farmyard, a company specializing in edible garden installations. Read more about their unique company at www.myfarmyard.com   

Hal & Jill’s Sweet Life Garden. Sweet Life Garden is a family run backyard mini-farm and orchard. This garden includes raised vegetable beds using lasagna gardening methods, herb barrels, a large chicken coop and espaliered apple trees. The small-scale orchard provides enough peaches for a seasonal front yard fruit stand that includes peach jams, cobbler and of course juicy, organic peaches. For more information about this garden, visit www.sweetlifegarden.com

Scott and Margaret’s Front Yard Garden. This unique home feature’s a full front yard of productive vegetable beds that Scott and his son built themselves. Scott and Margaret wanted to convert their front yard to be a productive space. They wanted the produce to feed their family and the excess to go to a local CSA to help feed the community. Come and see what they have created with a little help from their friends around the corner at Farmyard.

Jon and Carrie’s Historic Home & Garden. El Chaparral was built in the early 40's as a winter home for Carrie's grandparents. Extensive gardens now surround the property and include a beautiful citrus orchard, a newly planted stone fruit orchard, herb and rose beds, a cactus garden and Jon's raised beds perfectly planted with assorted vegetables and strawberries.

Mike & Heather's Garden. This garden is designed to blend beautifully with their streamlined hardscape and the busy lifestyle of a family of five. The lush backyard, includes two 3X12 foot brick, raised garden beds, herbs, citrus and deciduous fruit trees, a huge pomegranate tree and an amazing custom built chicken coop! This property is an example of a simple, yet elegant garden that provides organic, in season vegetables and is easily do-able for everyone in the family.

The homes on the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour are owned by private individuals. Reasonable steps have been taken to make each tour location safe for attendees. In consideration of voluntarily participating in the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour each attendee agrees to accept full responsibility for any injuries or illness that may be sustained in the course of the tour activities, and agrees to release , indemnify, and hold harmless each property owner from and against any present or future claim, loss, or liability for injury to person or property arising from their attendance at the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour.