With year round sunshine and affordable flood irrigation available, we have the luxury of growing a variety of fresh, organic produce in our own yards. Phoenix began as a small farming community that had wonderful citrus groves that still exist. We have a long history of growing food on a local level.

Yard space isn’t just for grass anymore. At the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour, you will see how a group of local edible food gardeners are continuing on this local farming tradition, and in the urban Phoenix setting, have changed their front and backyards into productive garden space! While we know that for prior tour goers the tour has been in the Arcadia area only. But this year we are branching out a teeny bit to visit some lovely can’t miss gardens in Central Phoenix too!

The tour will feature urban orchards of stone-fruit trees, espaliered apple trees, nut trees, vegetable & herb gardens that use traditional and raised bed techniques, berry hedges, pollinator gardens of mixed beds of flowers and edibles, composting systems in a variety of sizes, grey water ponds, and everyone’s favorite – the backyard chicken coops and dairy goats!

At Arcadia's Edible Garden Tour you will have the opportunity to meet the gardeners, ask them questions, and get inspiration for your own garden while getting to know your neighbors!

Please join us to see these 7 edible gardens that showcase productive landscaping at its’ finest. You will see that these gardens are not only much more practical than ornamentals, but truly beautiful as well!

David & Caroline’s Boho Farm.
Caroline and David's Downtown Boho Farm-After 20 + years of living and growing in Arcadia, we decided to go on an adventure and renovate a cute neoclassical cottage downtown Phoenix that had been boarded up and abandoned since 1988 and started a new Boho Farm in Historic South Roosevelt. We are doing the same things we have always done in Arcadia; raising chickens and ducks, growing a fruit tree orchard, along with veggies, herbs and lots of old fashion roses. The only differences are that it is in a dense urban setting and everything is smaller. We are just getting started but we would love to share our new little urban farm with you!

Nicolas & Haley’s Le Beau Gardens.
At Le Beau Gardens our vision is to create a sacred food forest to bring community together with practicing permaculture techniques. The property of this 1950s red brick home has been a canvas to create an abundance of nature’s gifts. Banana, Avocado, Fig, Apple, Peach, Mulberry and Apricot trees surround this beautiful space. Along with raised and ground level vegetable gardens. Chickens and Rabbits also add to this fun and artistic ambience. This is a family-oriented space and we welcome you to be apart of our ever-growing creations.

Arcadia Edible Garden Tour
Date: Saturday, December 7th, 2019
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Neighborhood Garden Market &
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Tickets: $20.00 + 8.6%sales tax
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Children under 7 are free!

Tickets sell very quickly, and
tickets are limited

A portion of the proceeds from the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour will go to benefit community gardens in the Phoenix area.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Larry & Sheila’s Gorgeous Garden
This property is one for the eyes to behold. Larry and Sheila tend to their beautiful stone raised garden beds that are filled with delicious edibles. This property has several productive citrus trees to create their own backyard orchard, as well as a large blackberry patch, artichokes, and grapes. This gorgeous garden property has one of the best views of Camelback Mountain and has the most beautifully cared for areas both edible and non-edible flower and shrub spaces.

Jaime’s Urban Edible Garden
Come and see this cute little backyard garden that is fun & funky! Brightly colored raised garden beds in the space are both unique and productive. Jaime’s perimeter walls are complete with garden quotes and are also flashy! This is the space of a truly creative soul that loves her garden and her colors that she chose for her 2 beautiful daughters to be inspired by in the backyard garden.

Troy & Rebecca’s Farmyard. This property is an urban micro-farm that is packed with enough produce to support 15 families for their Community Supported Agriculture venture. You will see a fantastic productive landscape packed with a variety of garden styles, fruit & nut trees, and “the girls” who produce our eggs. Rebecca & Troy run Farmyard, a company specializing in edible garden installations. Read more about their unique company at www.myfarmyard.com   

Hal & Jill’s Sweet Life Garden. Sweet Life Garden is a family run backyard mini-farm and orchard. This garden includes raised vegetable beds using lasagna gardening methods, herb barrels, a large chicken coop and espaliered apple trees. The small-scale orchard provides enough peaches for a seasonal front yard fruit stand that includes peach jams, cobbler and of course juicy, organic peaches. For more information about this garden, visit www.sweetlifegarden.com

Echo Canyon School
These gardens were started over 30 years ago at the school's inception and the tradition continues to this day. All gardens sit directly outside each classroom so that the students live, learn, read and grow daily in a beautiful green and inspirational environment. The K-1-2 Gardens feature pint sized raised beds and as well as hanging gardens and colorful pots where curious and proud first-time gardeners create funky combinations of vegetables, flowers and overflowing vines. The 3-4 Gardens feature a large field-like space where students studying American and Arizona history can plant in rows to create and grow crops like corn and wheat as well as the Arizona Native American "three sisters" combination of squash, corn, and beans. The 5-6 courtyard features a formal "Keyhole" garden as a nod to the study of the ancient gardens of Rome and Greece as well as many fruit trees and a beautiful herb garden.

The homes on the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour are owned by private individuals. Reasonable steps have been taken to make each tour location safe for attendees. In consideration of voluntarily participating in the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour each attendee agrees to accept full responsibility for any injuries or illness that may be sustained in the course of the tour activities, and agrees to release , indemnify, and hold harmless each property owner from and against any present or future claim, loss, or liability for injury to person or property arising from their attendance at the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour.